Lil' Arena
A year and a half has passed since I decided to freeze the development of Lil’ Arena, a decision I took because I didn’t feel I could pull the whole thing off successfully. Now, with more experience under my belt, a published title and a better overview of the whole […]

Lil’ Arena :: Reloaded

A Game of Coins An epic journey in a most unexpected setting. “A Game of Coins” tells the story of a great injustice, commited a long time ago in the vast, distant kingdom of Faerul. It’s a game about never giving up and standing by your beliefs even in your […]

A Game of Coins – Press Kit

After 2 months of hard work, we enter the final stretch of development; Pending release on March 2016. For now, let us tease you a little bit     Will you stand up against Evil when all you have left is the desire to never give up?   Available for.. […]

A Game of Coins – Teaser Released

Decided to halt development of Lil’ Arena for now. Although it’s a project that I loved working on, its very nature (competitive multiplayer) demands funds; at the very least for advertisement, to gain a critical mass. Wouldn’t  be much of a ‘PvP mayhem for the salvation of your soul’ if […]

Lil’ Arena – Put on ‘ice’ until funded

Before Eternity
‘What do we do now?’ – well, we make games, that’s what. Global Game Jam 2015 had quite an unusual theme; “What do we do now?”. If you interpret it genericly, it describes any and all games. But if you try to really convey confusion and uncertainty to the player […]

Before Eternity – GGJ 2015 entry