A Game of Coins – Press Kit

A Game of Coins

An epic journey in a most unexpected setting.

“A Game of Coins” tells the story of a great injustice, commited a long time ago in the vast, distant kingdom of Faerul. It’s a game about never giving up and standing by your beliefs even in your darkest hours.


A Game of Coins - Teaser


The player gets to follow the epic tale of Faerul’s Royal Guards who have been turned into lifeless Coins by the Evil Advisor in his attempt to overthrow his brother, the rightful king. In this new form all they can do is muster up their inner strength and slide fiercefully across the floor, with unwavering resolve being the only weapon they have left.


The gameplay is a unique combination of Physics, Strategy & Action – think billiard with power ups – and is based on a game I used to play when I was little, using actual coins.



  • Follow an epic story through 9 exciting levels. The first 4 are included for free!
  • Instantly challenge your friends in 1v1 matches on the same device.
  • Fight epic battles against numerous opponents and challenging bosses with unique skills.
  • Progress and improve your Coins’ power with various talents. Do you have what it takes to unlock all the Achievements?
  • Runs very smoothly (60 fps) on just about any device.


The game is available for Android, Windows Phone & iOS devices. It’s free to download and all of its features are unlocked, except levels 5-9 which require a one-time payment. The links as well as a teaser video can be found at the game’s webpage


If you’re interested in reviewing it, email us at to get a promo code for the Full Version in-app purchase, instead of its regular price tag. We’re also up for more massive give-aways so let us know if that’s something you might be interested in and we’ll get you some more codes :)


Will you stand up against Evil when all you have left is the desire to never give up?


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We leave you with some gameplay screenshots.

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