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FAQ (Thread closed)

Do I need an account to play the game?

Nope, A Game of Coins doesn't require an account - not even for its Online Multiplayer feature

Why can't I see the Multiplayer option?

The Multiplayer option unlocks upon completing Level III. This is to make sure online competitors have a good idea of how the game is played before facing off.

Can I install the game on multiple devices?

If it is the same type of OS (Android / Windows Phone / iOS) then yes. You'd have to login with your account on both devices and download the game for each one.

Is Local Multiplayer (Offline) supported?

Unfortunately not at the moment - there were issues with connectivity between different types of devices via WiFi / bluetooth.

Are there any ads / IAPs in the game?

No - all content is accessible the moment you purchase the game.

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