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Posting Guidelines (Thread closed)

Welcome to the Support forums.

Since you're here chances are something is not functioning as it should in the product you just purchased. We'll do everything we can to make sure we provide you with fast and precise answers.

What we ask of you is to follow this procedure, to make it easier for both of us :)

  1. Make sure you haveĀ updated to the latest version.
  2. Look for an answer at the Known Issues & FAQ threads.
  3. Look for existing threads with the same inquiries as the ones you want to make.
  4. Finally, if you come up empty handed, start a new thread with the following contents:
    • Title - Issue
    • Description, including which device type you're running on (Windows / Android / iOS /..)
    • When does it happen? How can we reproduce it?

Thanks in advance for helping us help you to the best of our abilities..! :)


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