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Known Issues (Thread closed)

We're doing the best we can to provide you with a problem-free product but that's not always feasible.

Here's the list of problems we do know about and are currently working on fixing.

  • [LANGUAGE] To select a new language, you first have to re-select English.
  • [ONLINE] Sometimes the camera doesn't change target when the opponent uses the "Fellowship" power up. It's not game-breaking and is automatically fixed when the opponent's turn ends.
  • [ONLINE] When joining the queue for multiplayer, there's a chance for the matchmaking to fail (due to disconnect of your opponent) which might cause the game to enter a faulty state. If you're unable to join another queue, simply restarting the game should fix it.
  • [GAMEPLAY] Coins some times get stuck under objects. Usually when travelling at high speeds.
  • [SINGLE PLAYER] After unlocking the "Aggressive" improvement, it's currently impossible to complete Level II.

If you are experiencing problems which are not listed here, please refer to Posting Guidelines on how to get assistance.

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